She Speaks is a new cooperative effort, in the Treasure Coast, comprised of industry professional women and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and experience with one another.

She Speaks will have a soft launch in fall of 2017, with one She Speaks Event per month.  In 2018, we will expand to bimonthly She Speaks Events as our network of professionals and attendance grows.

Our Purpose:

  • Share Our Strengths:  As iron sharpens iron, our events allow speakers to teach from their strengths.  We learn from one another, teach one another, grow with each other, and lift one another higher. 
  • Build Community:  In addition to learning from one another, we will create a vast network of professional women.  Within this network we may foster business relationships, refer others to women who can assist their business needs, and provide feedback and support for one another.
  • Youth Mentoring:  As our network grows, our goal is to create mentoring programs where our leaders give back to the community by investing in the lives of young women in the community, helping them to achieve their dreams and goals.

Whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, or a homemaker considering reentering the work force, She Speaks is committed to helping raise up the women in the Treasure Coast to be and achieve the best.

If you are interested in participating as a speaker, please fill out the form on our contact page.

To be put on the She Speaks email list and receive updates on our launch and upcoming events: